Womxn in Construction Week

To celebrate National Womxn in Construction Week, we sat down with four women here at Sellen to ask them about their experience in the industry, what they enjoy most about their role and their advice for the next generation.

  • Sarah Carlson, Project Manager
    “I love watching things get built and seeing the end result. I love the memories that are made on every project – whenever I go back and visit, there are vivid memories of the people I enjoyed working with, the challenges we overcame and the relationships we built.”
  • Tammy Norman, Sr. Project Assistant
    “From the owner to the project team, everyone knows they can come to me with questions and they aren’t intimidated to ask for help. This is something that goes back to my experience as a teacher. I love when I can help someone else answer a question or solve a problem and really see it click for them.”
  • Anna Palmer, VDC Integrator
    “There’s this whole design in the built environment and for me it was actually being around the parts and pieces that make the things come together and function. It’s one thing to just draw some things on a cocktail napkin but it’s another thing to make it function – that’s priceless.”
  • Lily Iftner, Sr. Technical Engineer
    ” I know women will continue to learn and lean on one another so that we can continue to advance the industry as a whole. There are a variety of roles and personalities in construction now. It has progressed very quickly and I look forward to watching it continue to grow.”
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