Women in Construction Week 2018: Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee began working for Sellen in 1989 in the carpenter apprentice program. After leaving the industry to build and repair computer servers, she recently returned to Sellen at the Hyatt Regency Seattle project.

“It has evolved so much,” Lisa said, comparing the start of her career in construction to her recent experience. “It’s wonderful to see so many more women working in construction, and Sellen provides such a great environment for us.”

She takes great pride in the positive example she has set for her daughter, a 19-year-old college student pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering – another field that once featured a significant gender gap.

In addition, she is involved with Sisters in the Brotherhood, an organization for female carpenters that offers opportunities for volunteering and mentoring. Lisa has served as a mentor for other female carpenters and urges other women to pursue careers in the trades.

“Don’t be afraid to do what you’re passionate about, and be passionate about what you do,” Lisa said. “There are so many opportunities for women out there.”

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Lisa Lee
Hyatt Regency Seattle