The Contractor’s Commitment

As a member of the BuildingGreen Sustainable Construction Leaders peer network, Sellen was one of the initial signatories to the Contractor’s Commitment pilot year in 2021. The goal of the Contractor’s Commitment is to reinforce our role as sustainable builders and construction managers. The formal framework and transparent reporting requirements of the Contractor’s Commitment help us partner with our peers to elevate sustainable construction throughout the country.

The Contractor’s Commitment is structured across five categories – carbon, water, waste, materials, and wellness – which are graded on a good/better/best scale. Sellen disclosed our data and evaluated our practices against the Contractor’s Commitment criteria. In the program’s pilot year, Sellen was one of only nine companies to share results and one of the only contractors in the country to achieve a rating in each of the five categories. We continued our efforts in 2022 and actively participated on the steering committee to help develop the next version of the program.

The scorecard below reflects our performance for each category in 2022. Read Sellen’s inaugural Sustainability Report for more information regarding the work we’re doing within each facet of the Contractor’s Commitment. 

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