Taking Pull Planning to the Next Level

For nearly a decade now, Sellen’s teams have used pull planning, a lean scheduling method, to develop efficient, reliable workflows during preconstruction and on the job site. Recently our project teams asked the question: What can we do to make pull planning even more efficient? Surprisingly, we didn’t find the answer in the process, but rather in the physical tool itself.

Sellen’s Field Support Specialist Kirk Hochstatter and Integrated Project Delivery Specialist Jack Avery led the charge to bring Sellen’s pull planning efforts to the next level. They found a flexible whiteboard material that teams could reuse from site to site – an immediate improvement over the basic butcher paper previously used. The new pull planning board also has a permanent grid design, providing a consistent yet flexible pull planning structure for teams. By effecting this simple change, Sellen made the pull planning process more logical, efficient and sustainable for all our project teams.

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