Building Green: Sellen’s Sustainability Success

Sellen’s sustainability team reflects on accomplishments and milestones achieved over the past year.

Sellen has completed 48 LEED projects, with several more currently in construction or pending certification. Here is a brief roundup of some of the sustainability team’s recent accomplishments:

Project Updates

Town Hall Non-Toxic Materials Project

Sellen’s team recently completed this project, researching 500 products to vet specifications for non-toxic materials. The new Town Hall HVAC system must operate for 12 months before the team submits the project for an O+M LEED certification.

Local and National Presence
Sellen’s Jennifer Frey and Dave Walsh represented the company on multiple green boards and committees. Last year, Sellen was a founding member of the “Clean Construction Coalition,” where we have joined forces with other local contractors to improve air quality on jobsites. The team also spoke at multiple, prominent conferences for the Associated General Contractors, OSHA, the Department of Ecology, the Design-Build Institute of America, and the University of Washington.

Sellen also published a white paper on the new State Energy Code and an in-depth case study on the use of green concrete at the Helen Sommers Building (formerly 1063).

2018 and Beyond

LEED Version 4 (v4) is now official. Sellen has a variety of projects in preconstruction currently being designed to this new standard. In 2018, the following projects will submit for LEED:


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