Submittal Summit at Alliant TI Project

Even with our team’s extensive tenant improvement experience, we
are constantly looking to add value and gain efficiencies at every turn.
Recently, this drive to continuously improve led to a streamlined
submittal process, reducing what is typically a two week process to
a single meeting.

At the Alliant Tenant Improvement at US Bank Centre in 2017, Sellen’s team held a “submittal summit” meeting in the early stages of the project. Faced with an expiring lease and a hard deadline, the goal was to drastically cut down the length of the submittal process and allow for the early release of long lead items.

This meeting brought the owner, architect, general contractor, and the
vendors for doors, frames and hardware into the same room. We went
through each item, line by line, to discuss submittals collaboratively, rather than the typical back-and-forth process. This saved a substantial amount of time, which proved essential on a tight schedule, and also increased the level of quality control during the submittal process.

We have since applied this process to a number of projects and on a wide variety of scopes, including casework, lighting, and flooring.

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