Sellen Receives Fair Pay Workplace Certification for Pay Equity Achievements

Fair Pay Workplace, the trusted symbol of pay equity around the world, announced it has certified six companies, including Sellen, American Airlines, Anthem, and others as Fair Pay Workplaces. Each company has undergone a rigorous evaluation of their data and practices via a transparent set of rules and standards, and has committed to following a tailored action plan designed to support their ongoing progress.

“Pay equity is measurable and calculable — and simply checking a box and claiming its achievement is no longer acceptable to employees, shareholders and other stakeholders,” said Heidi Durham, executive director of Fair Pay Workplace. “These companies that have been awarded certification are leading the way in ensuring equal pay for equal work throughout their organizations. They have demonstrated their commitment to working toward pay equity through ongoing analyses and are working in partnership with FPW to drive the achievement of their tailored action plans. Their employees and stakeholders should be proud.”

The inaugural class of companies to achieve Fair Pay Workplace certification are:

  • American Airlines
  • Anthem
  • Databricks
  • NerdWallet
  • Sellen Construction
  • University of California, Irvine

Once-a-year, backroom analyses can be costly and time consuming, and most critically, fail to address the underlying causes of inequity. Corporate leaders are now looking beyond antiquated methodologies toward data-driven approaches that empower them to actively monitor discrepancies, communicate insightfully with employees and work toward addressing the underlying causes of inequity within their organization.

“Getting serious about pay equity and introducing rigorous third-party statistical measures is an important step forward for defining and testing what it looks like to have gender and racial pay equity,” said CEO Scott Redman. “Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has greater impact when pay decisions are tested and validated with an equity lens – and when that robust analysis is being applied in every job offer and promotion Sellen makes.”

Fair Pay Workplace is a 501c3 and 501c6 nonprofit organization with a mission to dismantle pay disparities based on gender, race, and their intersection to create sustained fair pay in the workplace. FPW is also a membership organization and voice of pay equity for employers and employees. Fair Pay Workplace Certification recognizes organizations dedicated to true and ongoing pay equity using a set of rules and standards defined by an alliance of experts from forward-thinking corporations, academia, human resources, data science, DEI and the legal field. The guidelines they have established lay the foundation for a transparent and trusted criteria assessment based on the endorsed methodology of the Fair Pay Workplace.

About Fair Pay Workplace

Fair Pay Workplace is a nonprofit organization with a mission to dismantle pay disparities based on gender, race, and ethnicity to create sustained fair pay in the workplace. FPW offers the Fair Pay Workplace Certification, the trusted symbol of pay equity around the world. Using a methodology developed by experts, FPW offers the decisive measures necessary to enable real progress toward fair pay in today’s workplaces. Visit to learn more.

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