Sellen Debuts Post-Construction Services

Sellen launched our new Post Construction Services program in 2017, reiterating our commitment to clients and partners even after construction is complete. The goal of the program is to ensure that the transition from construction to occupancy is seamless. Property managers and owner-operators are given a single point of contact for all their post construction needs during the warranty phase of a project. If something isn’t working as intended, we want to know about it right away and get it resolved swiftly.

Key advantages of the program

  • Providing a smooth transition from construction to occupancy
  • Giving facilities managers a single point of contact for any warranty issues
  • Expanding on our commitment to customer service
  • Automated, streamlined system that is compatible with mobile devices
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Key Milestones

  • 90-day post-construction meeting and walk-through
  • 11-month walk-through
  • 12-month walk-through followed by warranty release