Marking 25 Years and 400 Projects Together

Sellen is often recognized for our larger construction projects, but we build more specialty tenant improvements in occupied buildings than any other project type. Our firm has a team of special projects experts that offer clients a dedicated, personal approach on projects of all types and sizes while still being able to draw on Sellen’s broader resources.

A large majority of these smaller, special projects are healthcare spaces on occupied campuses. It should come as no surprise then that providers often have a select group of go-to contractors they can trust to complete these smaller projects efficiently, safely and at a competitive cost.

For CHI Franciscan Health, Sellen is one of those contractors.

“With Sellen you can tell it’s more than just being a contractor,” said Tracey Arney, project coordinator at CHI Franciscan Health. “It’s more that they’re part of a team … and are always making sure a decision is in our best interests.”

The Sellen and CHI Franciscan Health partnership has spanned decades, and Arney has been working with Sellen teams for over 25 years. While the projects have encompassed everything from construction of new campuses to minor remodels, the majority are smaller projects with costs less than $1 million. In fact, Sellen recently recorded its 400th project of this size with CHI Franciscan Health in the last five years.

Because of this ongoing work, Sellen has a dedicated CHI Franciscan Health team. Some of the team members have been working solely at CHI Franciscan Health campuses for more than 15 years.

“It’s been really important to have the same people to work with,” Arney said. “For most of Sellen’s team this is not a job – they feel a real ownership to us.”

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