Project Spotlight: Rufus 2.0 – Day 1

Photos by Sean Airhart, NBBJ

The newest high-rise to open its doors in Seattle’s Denny Triangle area, the Day 1 building, is one of the most unique buildings in the city. The new tower includes 32 office floors, a “Center of Energy” with common spaces and cafes, and retail on the ground floor. It also boasts an amazing view of the Spheres, located just across a plaza.

Inside, the building’s dramatic entryway, a two-level “blue wall” features geometric patterns mirroring the Spheres. Just around the corner, five-foot-tall letters spell out “Hello World,” greeting outside passerby from the second floor.

Along with its neighbors – Doppler and Block 20 – Day 1 is part of a district energy system. The system captures heat generated from a data center in the adjacent Westin Building and transfers it through underground water pipes to heat the three towers, saving substantial energy.

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