Office Tenant Improvement Experience

Sellen has successfully completed more than 25 million square feet of fast-paced interior office projects in recent years.¬†Our crews deliver tenant improvement work in many of Seattle’s most prominent high-rise towers, ranging in size from a few hundred square feet to multiple floors. We have the right team and the firm resources to help.

  • Great Relationships
    We have excellent working relationships with building managers in many of Seattle’s leading office towers, including One and Two Union Square, Century Square, US Bank Centre and more.
  • Disruption Mitigation
    Whether we’re building your new space on an unoccupied floor or in the midst of a busy office, we understand how to reduce the disruptions that construction can cause. We work with all stakeholders to clearly communicate upcoming activities and carefully sequence our work to reduce any impacts to those near the construction area.
  • Safety First
    We are known for the safety and cleanliness of our project sites. The safety of everyone on or near the job site is our first priority, and with our long history of experience working in occupied office buildings, we know how to work safely and efficiently.
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Office TI Expertise

  • Century Square
    • Classmates
    • 26th and 27th Floor Market Ready
    • Ember Entertainment
    • Alert Logic
    • Apollo
  • US Bank Centre
    • Alliant TI Phases I & II
    • NGKF
    • Merrill
    • JAMS
    • Kilpatrick
  • Union Square
    • Washington Trust
    • Stoel Rives Phases I & II
  • Confidential Client
    • Day One Tower TI
    • Doppler Tower TI
    • West 8th TI
    • 1918 8th Avenue TI
    • Gaucho TI
    • Met Park North TI
    • Blanchard Plaza TI