National Apprentice Week 2017: Devon Washington

We’re highlighting a different apprentice each day for National Apprentice Week 2017. Today’s apprentice: Devon Washington, a cement mason at the Hyatt Regency Seattle project. He joined Sellen in May of 2014.

Who are your mentors and how have they helped you?

Bob Cobb, Mike Irwin and Kevin Arthur. Those guys have all helped me understand the trade better every day.

How has the apprentice program helped you become better in your trade?

The program offers mandatory school where I can learn the standards of the trade, as well as supplemental certifications that I could not normally get on the job site.

What inspires you to be at your best every day?

Seeing other people on-site do so well every day. You feel peer pressure to perform at a high level!

What would you tell people who are considering a career in the industry?

You have to like hard work. It’s not for everyone. You’ve got to learn to love the grind.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

The devil’s in the details.


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Devon Washington
Cement Mason at Hyatt Regency Seattle
With Sellen Since 2014