Meet the Special Projects Expert: Oscar Lilienthal

Oscar Lilienthal, Project Manager

With Sellen Since 2014

Fun Fact: Oscar spends most of his free time hiking, skiing and enjoying the outdoors. Ask him to recommend a great hike —you won’t regret it.

Oscar Lilienthal can trace his interest in the construction industry back to an unusual place: Tijuana, Mexico.

“We took a school trip to build a house for a family. It got me immediately hooked on working on projects that impact the community,” Lilienthal said. “The work we do here at Sellen really resonates with me in that respect.”

That passion is readily apparent to everyone he meets. As a project manager, Lilienthal works with a wide variety of architects, subcontractors and owners. He relishes the unique opportunities afforded to him by working on the fast-paced projects of Sellen Special Projects.

“I can build the estimate, buy out the job, hire all the subcontractors and manage the job through closeout, all while simultaneously working on another project,” Lilienthal said.

In his three years with Sellen, Lilienthal has worked on myriad project types, from replacing a door in a hospital to dazzling exhibit spaces, such as “The Ninety” for the Seattle Sounders. His commitment to a project is unwavering, regardless of its size.

“There really is no job too small for the right client,” Lilienthal said. “I treat a $5,000 project with the same level of care as a $5 million project.”

Perhaps the most striking thing about him, however, is his role as a powerful stabilizing force within Sellen Special Projects — a truly unique trait for a young project manager. He has an innate ability to project a sense of complete calm to everyone around him, no matter how hectic things are.

“Oscar’s always got a plan,” said Jeremiah Shakespeare, director of Sellen Special Projects and one of Oscar’s mentors. “He makes you feel like you can take a deep breath, and it will all be OK.”

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