Meet Sellen Special Projects

As one of Seattle’s largest general contractors, Sellen has built a reputation for delivering projects that have transformed the cityscape for nearly 75 years. What you might not know, however, is that through all that time we’ve also been hard at work on an entirely different breed of project: smaller build-outs and renovations.

Though smaller than their behemoth brethren, these tenant improvement projects are often just as complex but in fundamentally different ways. Many are located within occupied office buildings and healthcare campuses, requiring a deft touch from field crews to complete their work without disrupting neighboring areas.

Aside from their sheer size, the most significant difference is the rapid pace of the work. While most major projects usually require months of careful planning before the first shovel touches the ground, the life cycle of a tenant improvement project is often 12 weeks or less. To excel at these projects, contractors need to be adaptive, creative and responsive.

That’s where Sellen Special Projects comes in.

Sellen has worked on a variety of small projects for decades with a group of project managers, superintendents, engineers and craftspeople that have dedicated their careers to this specialized type of work. Equipped with the independence of a small firm and the resources of the region’s largest, this team is doing great work for long-time partners and new clients alike.

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