Meet the Expert: Alexis Thompson

When Sellen’s crew is packing up to leave the job site for the last time, Alexis Thompson’s work is only just beginning.

As the post construction manager, she’s focused on making sure the spaces Sellen builds operate as efficiently as intended. In other words, if a building was a high-powered sports car, her job is to continuously tune the engine to maximize performance.

“We believe that it’s not the building itself that’s most important, but what happens inside,” Thompson said. “My job is to make sure that when we hand our clients the keys, and it’s time to put the pedal to the metal that everything works and we stay on course.”

Though the role is new to Sellen and Thompson, it’s an ideal fit for both. For Sellen, it’s a continuation of a collaborative, transparent closeout process, bridging the gap between the end of construction and the first full year of operations. For Thompson, it’s an opportunity to leverage her skills and passion for sustainability — the founding principal that drives her each day — to reduce the environmental impact of the spaces Sellen creates.

The new post-construction program includes periodic check-ins at critical milestones, as well as mobile tools developed specifically to help owners document and report potential issues. With the right set of tools and effective management, Thompson is positioned to provide Sellen’s clients with an additional layer of care and partnership at every turn.

“Even on the best project, things aren’t always going to work the way they were designed to. I’m here to make sure they do,” Thompson said. “Our crews might be gone, but we are still right there for you.”

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Alexis Thompson

With Sellen Since 2013

Fun Fact: She’s a big believer in the power of yoga and is an instructor in her spare time.

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