Leveraging 3-D Modeling at Vashon Center for the Arts

At the recent Vashon Center for the Arts project, completed in 2016, Sellen’s team used 3-D modeling to merge structural and architectural systems. The design from LMN Architects called for an exposed concrete wall, with varying depths and heights. To ensure that our installation met that vision and that all structural design was fully coordinated, Sellen created a detailed virtual model from the drawings.

We worked with the structural engineer to build pockets for the overhead glulam trusses and roof connections in the model. From there, we segmented the repeating design and created a set of panels, which were exported into drawings for the field. Sellen’s craftspeople used the drawings to build physical, reusable panel molds, allowing them to pour the segmented wall in the correct pattern. The wall met design intent and the modeling helped improve installation efficiency and quality.

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