Leading the Charge: Sellen HQ Is LEED Gold

Sellen is committed to making a lasting, positive impact in the neighborhoods in which we live, work and play. This includes our dedication to sustainability, which is why we were so excited to receive our second LEED Gold certification for our headquarters in South Lake Union.

After receiving LEED certification in 2010, our facilities team completed the Existing Buildings Operation and Maintenance (EBOM) recertification process over the course of nine months in 2015. We are proud of this achievement and are committed to continuously benchmarking and improving our building’s performance going forward.

Some of the statistics of which we’re most proud include:

  • 100% carbon offset of energy
  • 63% alternative transportation rate
  • 43% water use reduction
  • ENERGY STAR Score of 77
  • 88% solid waste diversion
  • 85% occupants with views to outside
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