Introducing the Next Ironman

Sellen is the first contractor in the nation to partner with Ekso Bionics, the creator of a prototype exo-skeleton vest. With the use of gas springs, the vest is designed to lessen arm fatigue or strain for workers who spend a lot of time with their hands at chest level or higher.

As part of our partnership, we provided a real-world testing environment and asked workers at the Stratus residential tower project to wear the vest and provide feedback. In addition to validating the vest in a construction setting, the Sellen-Ekso team identified refinements for the second prototype. The vest became much lighter and was created with more breathable materials.

Want to know more about the innovative technology we’re using here at Sellen? Read more in our Autumn 2017 issue of Craft.

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Ekso Bionics


Using the exo-skeleton vest lessens arm fatigue in workers, reducing potential injuries and increasing worker efficiency.

The exo-skeleton vest will be commercially available shortly. Ekso Bionics and Sellen continue to partner together to improve the product and will soon begin a long-term usage study of the new vest.