Going for the Gold

Upon its completion in 2016, the Doppler building instantly became one of Sellen’s┬ámost innovative, sustainable projects. The 36-story high-rise serves as a prime example of how we can help reduce operating costs, create a better work environment for employees, and conserve natural resources.

Of all the building’s features, perhaps the most unique is the District Energy System. The adjacent Westin Building houses computers and servers, which generate significant heat. The District Energy System is able to harness that thermal energy and transfer it to Doppler to heat the entire building.

McKinstry Company was a key player in developing the system. It has already resulted in substantial cost savings for the owner and reduced the amount of potable water needed to cool the Westin Building’s servers.

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Sustainable Highlights

Operable windows for occupants to control their thermal comfort.

A structural core that serves as the on-site fire water reservoir and the thermal “battery,” storing heat until needed by the building’s mechanical system.

The team achieved a 90% diversion rate of construction waste from landfills.

More than 22% of all construction materials were regionally sourced, reducing embodied energy and emissions from material transport and supporting local businesses.