Driving the Industry Forward Through Research

Over the last several years, Sellen has worked closely with concrete material suppliers around the region to research and deliver the ability for owners to choose environmentally safe concrete on their projects. Prior to this effort, a concrete mix with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) didn’t exist. An EPD is an essentially a nutrition label for materials, allowing the people using the material to better know its composition and environmental impact.

Through Sellen’s work with concrete suppliers, we now have the data to provide an EPD for over 100 different concrete mixes.

This enhanced level of information provides owners and project teams the opportunity to choose a mix that is more environmentally friendly. As part of this research effort, we also helped develop a type of concrete that uses less cement, reducing the concrete’s carbon footprint. We have used these environmentally friendly mixes at several of our ongoing projects.

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What is an “EPD?” 

EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. It provides additional information about the composition of a material, including its environmental life-cycle. It is required to earn the material credit in LEED v4.0, an international standard to sustainable design, construction and building operation.