Mocking Up the WSU Visitor Center

After years of implementing lean methods, we are a strong believer in the importance of mock-ups. Taking the time to build a full-scale mock-up not only provides the owner and users with a tool to help critique and approve the design, but it also allows the design and construction team to further refine and optimize the design details and installation techniques.

Sellen used mock-ups as an installation tool at the WSU Brelsford Visitor Center with Olson Kundig. The iconic, 15-foot-tall “W-S-U” concrete letters that now stand in front of the building required precise coordination to install, especially as the “U” served a dual purpose as structural support for the building.

Sellen’s team created wooden mock-ups to simulate the staging and placement methods needed to safely and seamlessly complete the installation of the project’s defining feature. The concrete letters are now a beloved and frequently used photo feature on the WSU campus.

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