Building the Spheres with Advanced Modeling

Sellen is currently working on The Spheres, part of a new office campus in The RegradeĀ and one of the most technically astonishing projects we have taken on in the history of our firm. Once complete, the three connected glass spheres will be a unique, visually stunning addition to the city.

The Spheres are formed by a series of massive, interconnected steel catalans, which require support prior to installation. Using digital layout tools, Sellen’s team determined the exact location for the required scaffolding support. Armed with this data, the scaffolding vendor was able to place the pre-positioned catalan support plates within a quarter-inch of their ideal location.

This high level of accuracy, made possible with digital coordination tools and enhanced collaboration with our subcontractor partners, allowed for an efficient catalan installation phase and helped the team stick to the project’s aggressive schedule.

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