Yale and Harrison

Yale and Harrison Construction Updates

August 2020

In August, the team at Yale and Harrison will continue to make progress on the following scopes:

  • Continue work on Level 4 of the structure. Concrete¬† deliveries will arrive three to four days each week.¬†
  • There may be additional utility work along Yale Avenue North in August.¬†
  • A covered walkway was erected on Eastlake Avenue for the safety of pedestrians. Concrete jersey barriers were installed for enhanced pedestrian safety.
  • Flaggers will help direct traffic as needed while lanes are temporarily closed for deliveries and concrete pours.

Ongoing Street and Sidewalk Closures:

  • Yale Avenue North: Sidewalk closed.
  • Harrison Street: Sidewalk and parking lane closed.
  • Eastlake Avenue East: A pedestrian walkway is in place in the parking lane adjacent to the project.

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Questions or concerns? Contact us any time:

Superintendent Russell Paananen
Email: russp@sellen.com

Project Email Inbox: yaleandharrison@sellen.com

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About the Project

The Yale and Harrison project, is a nine-story office building. Early work began in June 2019 and the project is scheduled to continue through Summer 2021.

Sellen is committed to being a responsible neighbor from start to finish. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

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