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Monthly Project Update


This month, the following construction activity will be taking place:

  • Crews will be placing new sidewalks on NE 8th St throughout the month of September. Pedestrian access will be progressively shifted to the new sidewalk as it becomes available. Access will continue to be established in a protected pathway when adjacent to ongoing work.
  • Saturday, Sept. 9 – Sunday, Sept. 10: A mobile crane will be operating on-site throughout the weekend from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. to remove the personnel hoist from the site. There will be no impacts to traffic or pedestrians for this operation.
  • Crews will continue to upgrade underground utility infrastructure on NE 8th St, working near the intersection with 106th Ave NE.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained in a protected walkway.

Upcoming Lane Shifts and Road Closures:

  • The center and right eastbound lanes of NE 8th Ave will remain closed during working hours throughout the month.
  • The right turn lane, northbound on 106th Ave NE at NE 8th Ave will remain closed.

    The following sidewalk changes will remain in place throughout September:

    • The sidewalk on the east side of 106th Avenue NE will be closed between the south side of the building and NE 8th Street.
    • A new sidewalk will be poured along NE 8th Street and pedestrian access will be allowed as the sidewalk becomes available.

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      About The Artise Project

      Sellen is partnering with Schnitzer West and NBBJ to build The Artise, a new office tower located on the corner of NE 8th Street and 106th Avenue in Bellevue.