Recompose Construction Updates

Construction Activity

Construction is currently underway at the new headquarters for Recompose. Interior demolition is complete, and all activity this month will be taking place within the building.

The following activities will be taking place throughout January:

  • Saw-cutting the slab for the installation of utilities and recessed equipment pads
  • Framing new walls and reinforcing steel for slab cuts
  • Structural wood reinforcement of the roof

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About Recompose

Recompose is a public benefit corporation powered by people who believe in changing the current death care paradigm. It uses the principles of nature to sustainably return bodies to the land, sequestering carbon and improving the health of our natural surroundings.

Recompose has selected Seattle as the next location for its new headquarters, and the construction of their new home is currently underway. To learn more about Recompose, visit its website.